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How To Throw a Movie Night

When you have a few close friends who want to have a good time together, a movie night could be the perfect answer. It has a chill vibe, excellent graphics, and enough entertainment to last through the whole night! Are you planning to have a movie night shortly? If so, then read on to learn how to throw a private movie night for friends.

Pick a Good Movie

What movie should you choose for a group of friends wishing to glue their eyes to a screen? It’s as simple as choosing a genre, and then sending out a vote to get a consensus! You could choose a romantic comedy, action flick, or horror movie to please every guest. Speaking of horror, Emma Roberts plays key roles in several releases that are worth taking a look at.

Send Out Invitations

How will your friends know where to meet without a specific invitation? It’s worth it to spend the time to create a small RSVP to get everyone on the same page. Then, coordinate with text messages, email, or apps that everyone can access without too much trouble. You should aim to get everyone’s responses at least 24 hours ahead of time so you can arrange adequate accommodations for the incoming crowd.

Supply the Food

The easiest way to improve your movie night experience is to bring in hot, delicious food to the mix. Depending on your situation, you could start the oven an hour before everyone arrives to start baking pizza, or phone a local catering company 4-24 hours beforehand to get their kitchens cooking. The goal is to have piping hot food available for everyone as soon as the last person comes through the door so they can enjoy a tasty meal to go along with their movie.

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Set up a Large Viewing Area

Once you know how many guests are coming, you should try to have enough seating for them and their unexpected guests. Set everything up so that each person has comfortable seating and a good angle to view the movie screen from. On the same token, ensure that your screen, whether it’s a monitor or other display, is large enough to view from a distance. If more people arrive than expected, simply bring out extra chairs or floor pillows to ensure movie-watching comfort.

The Perfect Movie Night is In Your Hands

Movies are great to watch alone, but even better with a group of close friends. Set aside your worries and bring everyone together to enjoy a flick together for an evening of pure pleasure. Get started with your movie activity with any of the tips mentioned above.

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