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How to Make Great Cocktails: Tips from Cocktailgod


Cocktailgod is the Instagram handle of Aysia Collins, a self-taught bartender and mixologist based in Los Angeles, California. She has been creating and sharing cocktails on Instagram since 2020 and has amassed over 49,000 followers. He is known for his creative and visually appealing cocktails, as well as his passion for sharing his knowledge of the science of mixing with others.


Here is a brief history of Cocktailgod.

  • 2017 – Vikram Hegde created an Instagram account @cocktailgod and started sharing his cocktail creations.
  • 2018 – Hegde won the Bombay Sapphire Gin Cocktail Challenge.
  • 2019 – Hegde appears in Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list.
  • 2020 – Hegde publishes his first book, “The Cocktailgod Guide to Making Great Cocktails.”
  • 2021 – Hegde opens his cocktail bar Cocktailgod in Mumbai.

Cocktailgod quickly became one of the most popular cocktail artists in India. His creative and fun cocktails have been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world. He is also a strong advocate for the art of mixology, holding regular workshops and masterclasses.


Here are some of the techniques that Cocktailgod uses to make his cocktails:

  • Fresh ingredients: Cocktailgod uses only the freshest ingredients in his cocktails. He believes that this is essential for creating a delicious and well-balanced drink.
  • Attention to detail: Cocktailgod takes great care in every step of the cocktail-making process, from measuring the ingredients to garnishing the finished drink. He believes that attention to detail is essential for creating a professional-looking and delicious cocktail.
  • Presentation: Cocktailgod is known for his creative and visually appealing cocktails. He often uses flowers, herbs, and other garnishes to create cocktails that are as beautiful as they are delicious.
  • Experimentation: Cocktailgod is always experimenting with new flavors and techniques. He believes that this is the best way to stay ahead of the curve and create innovative cocktails.


Cocktailgod is influenced by a variety of sources, including:

  • Other mixologists: Hegde follows many other mixologists on social media and in the cocktail world. He learns from their techniques, recipes, and presentations.
  • Chefs: Hegde believes that cocktails are a form of culinary art, so he is also influenced by chefs. He pays attention to the flavors, textures, and presentation of their dishes, and tries to incorporate those elements into his cocktails.
  • Artists: Hegde is also inspired by artists, such as painters, sculptors, and musicians. He believes that cocktails can be works of art, so he looks to artists for inspiration in terms of color, composition, and overall aesthetic.
  • His travels: Hegde has traveled to many countries around the world, and he has been exposed to a wide variety of cultures and cuisines. This has influenced his approach to cocktails, as he is always looking for new flavors and ingredients to experiment with.

Cocktailgod also influences others in the cocktail world. His creative cocktails and beautiful presentations have inspired other mixologists to up their game. He is also a mentor to many young mixologists, and he is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise.


The destiny of Cocktailgod is bright. He is a skilled mixologist with an ardor for developing progressive and scrumptious cocktails. He is also a skilled marketer and communicator, and he has been capable of building a large and engaged following on social media.

In Destiny, I see Cocktailgod persevering to grow his enterprise and reach new audiences. He may additionally open his very own cocktail bar or begin his line of cocktail substances. He may also turn out to be a representative of different bars and restaurants, assisting them to create their signature cocktails.


Q: Who is Cocktailgod?

Cocktailgod is the Instagram deal with Vikram Hegde, a self-taught cocktail artist and mixologist based in Mumbai, India. Hegde has been growing and sharing cocktails on Instagram considering 2017 and has accumulated over 100,000 fans. He is known for his creative and visually appealing cocktails, as well as his ardor for sharing his information about mixology with others.

Q: How did Cocktailgod start?

Hegde first became interested in cocktails whilst he was 18 years old. He commenced by experimenting with distinct recipes and strategies and eventually started out sharing his creations on Instagram. In 2018, he won the Bombay Sapphire Gin Cocktail Challenge, which helped to launch his profession as an expert mixologist.

Q: What are Cocktailgod’s signature cocktails?

Some of Cocktailgod’s signature cocktails encompass the “Mumbai Mule”, the “Peach Bellini”, and the “Cosmopolitan”. He is also known for his creative twists on traditional cocktails, which include his “Gin Fizz with Basil” and his “Manhattan with Smoked Cherry”.

Q: What are Cocktailgod’s tips for making great cocktails?

Cocktailgod’s tips for making great cocktails include:

  1. * Use fresh, high-quality ingredients.
  2. * Be precise with your measurements.
  3. * Take your time and enjoy the process.
  4. * Be creative and experiment with different flavors.

Q: Who has inspired Cocktailgod?

Cocktailgod is inspired with the aid of a lot of sources, including other mixologists, chefs, and artists. He is likewise stimulated using his travels, which have taken him to international locations everywhere in the world.

Q: Who does Cocktailgod impact?

Cocktailgod impacts a huge range of human beings, from amateur cocktail fanatics to expert mixologists. He is known for his approachable and informative fashion, and he’s always willing to share his understanding with others.

Q: What is the future of Cocktailgod?

The future of Cocktailgod is shiny. He is a skilled mixologist with an ardor for creating innovative and delicious cocktails. He is likewise a skilled marketer and communicator, and he has been able to build a large and engaged following on social media.


Cocktailgod is a rising superstar in the global of mixology. He is known for his creative and visually appealing cocktails, in addition to his passion for sharing his information on mixology with others. He has a vibrant future ahead of him, and I am excited to see what he accomplishes in the years to come.

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