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TotallyScience GitLab: How Collaboration Meets Innovation


TotallyScience GitLab is a hosted GitLab instance that is specially designed for medical research. It is furnished via TotallyScience, a non-profit corporation that is committed to making technology extra open and handy.

TotallyScience GitLab has a number of functions that make it ideal for medical research, along with:

Private and public repositories: TotallyScience GitLab supports both non-public and public repositories, so you can pick out how to share your code.
Collaboration equipment: TotallyScience GitLab consists of a number of collaboration equipment, which includes merge requests, trouble monitoring, and challenge boards, that will help you work with other researchers.
Version control: TotallyScience GitLab makes use of Git for model manipulation, so you can effortlessly song changes on your code and revert to previous variations if essential.
Continuous integration and transport (CI/CD): TotallyScience GitLab helps CI/CD so that you can automate the checking out and deployment of your code.
Scientific facts help: TotallyScience GitLab helps quite a few clinical statistics codecs, including NetCDF, HDF5, and MATLAB MAT documents.

The Evolution of Collaboration in Software Development

Collaboration has always been a crucial part of software improvement. In the early days, builders regularly labored in silos, with little communication or coordination among every other. This caused inefficient and error-prone development processes.

Over time, software improvement methodologies have developed to embody collaboration more absolutely. Agile development, for instance, emphasizes the significance of teamwork and communication. Agile groups paint in brief sprints, and they meet often to devise, evaluate, and adapt their work.

The GitLab Ecosystem

TotallyScience GitLab is a free, open-supply model manipulation and collaboration platform for scientific research. It is constructed on top of the GitLab platform, and offers some capabilities especially designed for the needs of scientists, along with:
Support for medical statistics formats, consisting of Jupyter notebooks and MATLAB files
Integration with research control gear, which includes ORCID and Figshare
Collaboration functions, consisting of code overview and issue monitoring
Continuous integration and shipping (CI/CD) pipelines for automating the software development lifecycle.

The Science Behind Version Control

Here are some videos about the science behind version control: Totally science GitLab on YouTube:

Version and Automate ⚡️ Releases like a Pro – Walkthrough and Demo by Julie Ng

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a hard and fast practice that automates the software improvement manner from code commitment to manufacturing deployment. This facilitates groups to supply awesome software programs more quickly and reliably.

TotallyScience GitLab is an internet-based totally Git repository management software that facilitates medical groups to manage and collaborate on tasks. It also consists of a built-in CI/CD pipeline that makes it clear to automate the technique of building, checking out, and deploying code.

Collaboration and DevOps

TotallyScience GitLab is a specialized model of the famous GitLab DevOps platform that is tailored mainly to the desires of the clinical community. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for researchers to collaborate on projects, control code, music adjustments, and set up their paintings.


One of the key benefits of TotallyScience GitLab is its awareness of collaboration. The platform presents a variety of functions that make it smooth for researchers to paint together on projects, no matter their location or expertise.


In addition to its collaboration functions, TotallyScience GitLab additionally provides lots of tools for DevOps practices. These gear assist researchers in automating the construct, test, and deployment in their work. This can assist in improving the satisfaction and efficiency of the development technique.


TotallyScience GitLab is a stable platform for scientists and researchers to collaborate on projects, share information, and manipulate their facts. It is built on the GitLab platform, which has a robust tune document of safety.

Some of the security capabilities of TotallyScience GitLab include:

  • Role-based totally access control (RBAC): This allows you to manipulate who has access to your initiatives and information. You can assign unique roles to customers, every with its own set of permissions.
  • Two-issue authentication (2FA): 2FA adds an extra layer of protection to your account requiring you to enter a code out of your cellphone in addition to your password whilst logging in.
  • Web software firewall (WAF): The WAF protects your TotallyScience GitLab instance from commonplace net attacks.
  • Data encryption at relaxation and in transit: All of your records are encrypted at rest on TotallyScience GitLab’s servers and in transit among your tool and the servers.
  • Security scanning: TotallyScience GitLab offers a whole lot of security scanning gear that will help you discover and connect security vulnerabilities in your code and data.

Future Trends in Collaborative Software Development

GitLab is a famous collaborative software program development platform that lets teams to work on tasks collectively using lots of gear, consisting of a code repository, problem tracker, and mission management gear. GitLab is likewise known for its strong community and its commitment to open-source software programs.

In recent years, GitLab has been increasing its cognizance to include different factors of the software improvement lifecycle, together with protection and compliance. GitLab is also investing in new technologies, along with synthetic intelligence and device studying, to help groups be more productive and green.


TotallyScience GitLab is a web-primarily based collaboration and model manipulation device for scientific research. It is built on the GitLab platform, which is a popular DevOps platform that gives relevant repository code, trouble tracking, and CI/CD pipelines. TotallyScience GitLab adds additional features and capabilities that are specifically designed for the needs of clinical researchers.

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