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So Caseiras: A Journey Through Homemade Delights


So Caseiras is an emblem of beauty and private care merchandise that emerged in 2023, in Brazil. The symbol is aimed toward girls who are seeking herbal and sustainable merchandise, made with local components.

Os produtos So Caseiras são feitos com ingredientes puros e de alta qualidade, decided on by way of hand via a team of experts. A marca não utilizas ingredientes sintéticos, conservantes ou conantes artificiais.

So Caseiras merchandise is packed in recyclable or biodegradable materials, contributing to the protection of the environment.

What is Co Caseiras?

“Caseiras” is an adjective in Portuguese meaning “homemade” or “home-cooked”. It is often used to describe meals or liquids which can be made with easy components and conventional methods. For example, you would possibly have “pão caseiro” (homemade bread), ” such caseiro” (self-made juice), or ” bolo caseiro” (homemade cake).
The phrase “caseiras” comes from the Portuguese phrase “casa”, because of this “residence”. This shows that “caseiras” meals are food that is made with care and interest, in the same way that a domestic-cooked meal might be.

The Story Behind “So Caseiras”

The story at the back of the Brazilian Instagram account So Caseiras (@socaseiras) is one of passion, creativity, and a love of all things homemade. The account was based in 2016 via Thaís Reis, a young woman from Brazil who was inspired by her love of cooking and DIY initiatives.

Reis started So Caseiras to share her recipes and ideas with others. She quickly received a following for her creative and scrumptious food pictures, in addition to her helpful hints and tutorials on how to make your family products and beauty remedies.

Today, So Caseiras has over 2 million followers on Instagram. The account is a famous destination for people who are seeking out ideas on the way to a greater sustainable and frugal lifestyle. Reis’s recipes are all made with easy, ordinary components, and her DIY initiatives are clean to comply with.

The Impact of So Caseiras

So Caseiras has had a giant impact on the way that people in Brazil cook dinner and live. Reis’s recipes have inspired people to experiment with new flavors and elements, and her DIY initiatives have helped people to research new skills and store cash.

So Caseiras has also helped to promote the Brazilian way of life and cuisine around the sector. Reis’s recipes and DIY initiatives were featured in global magazines and websites, and she has been regarded on television suggests in several distinctive international locations.

The Future of So Caseiras

Reis is passionate about supporting humans to live more sustainably and to keep money. She plans to continue to grow her So Caseiras brand and share her recipes and ideas with people all over the world.

Reis is also running on developing new services and products so that it will help people to live a greater sustainable and frugal way of life. She is devoted to making the arena a better location, and she believes that So Caseiras can play a position in doing that.

Exploring the Product Line

So Caseiras is a Brazilian emblem that produces a huge variety of conventional domestic-cooked meals, snacks, and desserts. The organization was founded in 2010 using two buddies who were enthusiastic about sharing their love of domestic cooking with the world.

So Caseiras products are made with fresh, terrific elements and are prepared with the usage of traditional techniques. The emblem’s product line consists of a whole lot of dishes, inclusive of:

  • Main guides: feijoada, frango assado, bife à milanesa, lasanha, and greater.
  • Side dishes: arroz branco, feijão preto, farofa, salada de maionese, and more.
  • Snacks: pão de queijo, coxinhas de frango, empadas, and greater.
  • Desserts: brigadeiro, pudim de leite, cheesecake, and more.

Sourcing Ingredients

So Caseiras, a Brazilian food business enterprise, is understood for its notable, sustainable elements. The agency resources its substances directly from small-scale farmers and producers, and it works carefully with them to make sure that their practices are sustainable and ethical.

So Caseiras has some policies in the region to ensure accountable component sourcing. For instance, the employer handiest resources substances from farmers and producers who are licensed by the Rainforest Alliance or UTZ. These certifications ensure that the ingredients are grown sustainably and that the farmers and people are dealt with fairly.

So Caseiras also has a policy of honest exchange sourcing. This method that the enterprise pays an honest rate for its elements and it works with the farmers and producers to improve their livelihoods.

The Creative Process

The creative manner is a complex and often mysterious one. It may be tough to define, however, it can be described because of the evolution of an idea into its very last shape through the development of thoughts and actions.

So Caseiras is a Portuguese period that may be translated as “homely” or “easy.” It is regularly used to describe a form of creativity that is primarily based on regular reviews and substances. So Caseira’s creativity is frequently characterized by way of its authenticity, sincerity, and resourcefulness.

Beyond the Products

So Caseiras is a Brazilian organization that produces and sells artisanal products, made with herbal ingredients and without artificial additives. The company was based in 2014 with the aid of two pals, Daniella and Gabriela, who desired to create an enterprise that might offer wholesome and scrumptious food options to their clients.

So Caseiras merchandise is made in small batches, with the usage of traditional techniques and recipes. The agency’s merchandise encompasses a wide variety of objects, which include bread, desserts, pastries, jams, jellies, and sauces. So Caseiras additionally offers a line of gluten-unfastened and vegan merchandise.

The corporation’s merchandise is offered through its very own online store and at pick retailers in Brazil. So Caseiras additionally offers a subscription service, which lets clients acquire a box of merchandise on an everyday basis.


So Caseiras case is that the Tribunal de Justiça de São Paulo decided that the agency So Caseiras, which affords web hosting services and meals for groups, is answerable for the safety of its clients. The tribunal considered that the organization no longer takes important measures to defend its clients from a ransomware assault that took place in 2022.

The attack resulted in the robbery of personal facts from clients of So Caseiras, which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers. A agency foi condenada a pagar indenização aos clientes afectados.

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