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Miami’s Top Software Development Companies

Hundreds of high-tech firms have relocated to New York, California, and Texas throughout the last twenty years. But Florida—and Miami in appropriate —has materialize as their main rival as a well-respected IT intermediate. Populous software development businesses settled their headquarters in the Magic City due to the city’s developed urban beginnings, pleasant temperature, and contributive business environment. Let’s investigate the top ten software developers in Miami.

What Made Us Select These Software Firms?

In order to select worthy candidates for this list, we have inspected a number of decisive attributes of Miami-based businesses that pursue in bespoke software development, such as:

·        The quantity and price of the workforce

·        Years of industry experience

·        The array of technologies used

·        The variety of services

·        The quantity and scope of projects, and more.

We have selected 10 Miami software businesses for your consideration based on these factors. You are welcome to choose a possible contractor from our list to develop a bespoke software solution for your company. Discover the Vivacity of Creativity with Miami’s Top Software Development Firms!

Miami’s Finest 10 Software Development Companies

A synopsis of the ten Miami software development firms that exhibit remarkable amalgamations of the attributes listed in the preceding section can be found below.

A list of Miami-based software development businesses’ logos

1. Intellectsoft

Software development and digital transformation consulting are provided by Intellectsoft, a worldwide provider. This business has helped Fortune 500 organizations, startups, and mid-sized businesses for more than 15 years. With a network of locations spread throughout key tech hotspots in Europe and America, including Miami, Intellectsoft is able to collaborate with its customers efficiently, regardless of time zones. This organization provides practically all industries with high-quality solutions that open up new business options for both clients and corporations. For instance, Intellectsoft created a smartphone application for Clayton houses, the biggest producer of modular houses and other residential structures in the United States.

Project Size Requirement: $50,000+

Hourly Rates: $50-$99 per hour; Industries: Fintech, Travel and Hospitality, Insurance, Construction and Real Estate, Healthcare, E-commerce and Retail.

Principal Customers: Guinness, Eurostar, Ernst & Young, Jaguar, Audi, Harley-Davidson, and Cirrus Insight.

More than 100 employees

Basis 2007 is the year

C#, Java, Typescript, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift,.NET, React, AWS, and Azure comprise the tech stack.

37 reviews and 4.9 ratings for Clutch.

Three reviews and 4.3 stars on Google

2. SDSol Technologies

The University of Miami’s software system for cognitive assessment and adaptive learning is one of this company’s most important undertakings.

Services: UI/UX design, Web development, mobile development, and IoT product development.

Hourly Rates: $100–$149 per hour; $1,000+ is the minimum project size

Education, Fintech, Gaming, Automotive, and Real Estate are among the industries covered.

Principal Customers: Cartier, University of Miami, Carprix, Corporate Caterers.

More than forty employees

Tech stack: NextJS, Flutter, Java, PHP, React, and ASP.NET.

Year of Foundation: 1999

Location: Boston and Miami, USA.

3. Mercury Development

Award-winning Mercury Development is a software development business that provides a broad variety of services, including staff augmentation, full-stack development, and quality assurance for already-built products. This IT business was one of the first to use the new IoT capabilities and the potential of developing technologies. With over 1,500 mobile apps in its portfolio, Mercury Development primarily focuses on software for mobile and wearable devices. Notable clients include Fitbit and Burger King. Miami Software Companies: Breaking New Ground in Sunshine City’s Digital Frontiers!

Services include staff augmentation, desktop, web, and mobile development.

Rates per hour: $50–$99; Minimum Project Size: $25,000 or more

Healthcare, Fintech, Automotive, Retail, and Entertainment are among the industries covered.

Key Clients: Cisco, HSBC, Kensington, Fitbit, Dow Automotive Systems, and Kensington.

400 or more employees

Java, Swift, Javascript, React Native, PHP make up the tech stack.

Year of Foundation: 1999

Location: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Serbia (Belgrad), USA (Miami, Palm City, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland).

4. Koombea

Koombea is 1 one of the few Miami-based software businesses that areas great emphasis on the athletic approach. With more than 1000 online and mobile apps in its portfolio, this vendor frequently strives to become a important long-term partner for each and every one of its consumers. An example of the company’s skill is the user-friendly operatic Teacher mobile app that was developed for the well-known expert Liz Caplan.

Services: UX/UI design, project management, quality assurance, mobile and web development, MVP creation, and project management.

Rates per Hour: Not given

Project Size Requirement: $50,000+

Education, FinTech, Healthcare, and Retail are the Industries Covered.

Principal Customers: Payix, LINC, Luna, Flight Logger, and Do It Center

More than fifty employees

Swift, Kotlin, PHP, Flutter, React, Angular, and Ruby on Rails make up the tech stack.

Establishing Year: 2007

Location: Barranquilla, Colombia; Miami, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, USA.

5. Icreon

One of the biggest suppliers on our list, Icreon has offices both domestically and outside. With more than 350 professionals and more than 22 years of expertise, our organization can handle any task.

Services: Digital strategy, cloud engineering, web development, and e-commerce development.

Hourly Rates: $100–$149 per hour; $50,000 is the minimum project size

Covered Industries: Retail, Nonprofit, Manufacturing, Fintech, and Law.

Principal Customers: BT Group, Pepsi, National Geographic, Ferrari, and Lincoln.

350 or more people work there.

Tech stack: AWS, Azure, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, React.

Establishing Year: 2000

6. Tekrevol

Even though it is a comparably new company, Tekrevol has accumulated hundreds of brilliant developers under its belt. It mainly focuses on developing mobile apps, ranging from social apps that link participants with like interests to 2D and 3D games. For occasion, the business developed a number of apps, like Pure Plank and AMJ Workplace wholeness that support exercise and wellness.

Services: Web design, web development, and mobile development.

Rates per hour: $50–$99; Minimum Project Size: $25,000 or more

Retail, Fintech, Healthcare, and Education are the Industries Covered.

Principal Customers: UCSF, Mobius Risk Group, University of Toronto, and Oz Leasing.

Count of Workers: More than 300

Tech stack: AWS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, C#, and Swift.

Year of Foundation: 2018

Location: Canada (Alberta), UAE (Dubai), USA (Miami, New York, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more)

7. Jafton

Jafton, like a lot of other software development firms on our list, focuses mostly on mobile apps. Its clientele ranges from small and medium-sized companies to globally recognized corporations. Jafton, for instance, developed practical shopping applications for companies like Kroger and JOKR.

Services: Web development, staff augmentation, UI/UX design, and mobile development.

Rates per hour: $50–$99; Minimum Project Size: $25,000 or more

Covered Industries: Fintech, Retail, Media, and Healthcare.

Key customers include Forbes, SHEIN, Kroger, Chevron, and Royal Caribbean.

More than 120 employees

Tech stack: Objective C, Swift, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, and Java.

Establishing Year: 2013

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Frisco

8. Eagerworks

Eagerworks stands out from the crowd in that it uses Ruby on Rails for all of its projects. This business has contributed to the success of other companies with their committed commitment to developing superior software. For instance, the Pilio initiative gave companies more control over their energy use while also helping the environment.

Services: Staff augmentation, UI/UX design, mobile development, and web development.

Rates per hour: $50–$99; Minimum Project Size: $25,000 or more

Retail, energy, fintech, automotive, and healthcare are the industries covered.

Principal Customers: Hurr, Pilio, Naxon.

More than fifty employees

Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Swift, Python, React, and Node.js comprise the tech stack.

Establishing Year: 2015

Locations: Miami, USA; Montevideo, Uruguay.

9. Singular Design

Singular Design creates quick and effective solutions by combining low-code and no-code technology with an agile methodology. In partnership with Planet Love and Animal Conservation, the firm has developed a number of apps that raise awareness of environmental issues.  

Services: Mobile development, Web development, UI/UX design, Low-code and No-code development.

Rates per hour: $50–$99; Minimum Project Size: $25,000 or more

Healthcare, Fintech, Automotive, Retail, and Entertainment are among the industries covered.

Principal Customers: National Geographic, Disney, Burger King, and Harvard Builders Club.

More than fifty employees

Tech stack: WordPress, Flutter, Bubble, PHP, Python, and SQL.

Establishment Year: 2011 Place: USA (Miami).

10. Alpha Bravo Development

Alpha Bravo Development addresses the particular requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises in a customized manner. This young Miami software development firm assisted more than 100 clients in transforming their concepts into uniquely tailored, efficient ways to expand their clientele and streamline operations.

Services: Web development, UI/UX design, and mobile development.

Hourly Rates: $100–$149 per hour; Project Size Requirement: $25,000+

Retail, Healthcare, Education, and Fintech are the Industries Covered.

Principal Customers: Not revealed.

More than 100 employees

Tech stack: NodeJS, Angular, Laravel, and React Native.

Year of Foundation: 2017

Location: Miami, USA.

Final Thoughts

There are still a lot of software development businesses in Miami, even if their variety is not as great as that of New York City or San Francisco. IT Companies Miami: Your Doorway to Cutting-Edge Tech Innovations in the Magic City’s Heart! Think of Linkitsoft as your partner whether you need to build a bespoke software solution from the ground up, update your current solution, or carry out a complicated digital transformation of your company.

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