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A Guide to Using Smart Square SSM for Healthcare Organizations

What is Smart Square SSM?

Smart Square SSM is a cloud-primarily based personnel management software program solution for healthcare companies. It facilitates organizations to optimize their team of workers with the aid of automating scheduling, timekeeping, payroll, and reporting. Smart Square SSM additionally presents communication and documentation functions to assist groups in live connection with their employees and keep accurate information.

Uses of Smart Square SSM

  • To improve scheduling efficiency. It assists you in creating and controlling schedules extra successfully, with the aid of automating obligations along with shift tasks and struggle detection. This can prevent time and decrease errors.
  • To enhance the body of workers’ productiveness. It will let you song worker hours and productivity, so you can become aware of regions in which enhancements can be made. This assists you to get the maximum from your group of workers.
  • To improve communication with employees. It will let you send messages and notifications to employees, so you can keep them informed about their schedules, adjustments to their shifts, and different essential information. This can help improve worker morale and satisfaction.
  • To generate reports. it can generate reviews on staffing ranges, hours worked, and different statistics. These statistics may be used to track the overall performance of your group of workers and identify regions where upgrades can be made.
  • To follow rules. it will let you observe guidelines which include the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This assists you in avoiding high-priced fines and consequences.

Overall, It is a powerful tool that assists you in enhancing the efficiency, productiveness, and compliance of your workforce. If you’re searching for a manner to enhance your staff management, It is an excellent option to consider.


  • Scheduling: It may be used to create and manipulate schedules for nurses, therapists, and different healthcare professionals. The software can mechanically generate schedules based on staffing requirements, employee availability, and different elements.
  • Timekeeping: It may be used to tune worker hours and productivity. The software can routinely gather timekeeping facts from personnel’s time clocks or cellular gadgets.
  • Payroll: It may be used to generate payroll reports and manage employee payments. The software program can integrate with payroll vendors to automate the payroll manner.
  • Reporting: It can be used to generate reports on staffing levels, hours worked, and other information. These reports can be used to music tendencies, discover areas for development, and make informed decisions about a group of workers’ control.
  • Communication: It may be used to send messages and notifications to employees. The software program can also be used to create and control intranet sites and boards.
  • Documentation: It may be used to shop and get admission to worker statistics. This consists of records of education, certifications, and different essential statistics.

It is a comprehensive workforce management answer that could assist healthcare companies in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

Smart Square SSM App

Smart Square SSM is an internet-based software that can be accessed through an internet browser. You can get entry to this from any device with an internet connection. The app you linked to in your question is referred to as “Smart Square 모바일”. It is a Korean app that provides access to a variety of corporate services, inclusive of Smart Square. However, it is not a respectable app.

If you are seeking out a manner to get the right of entry to this for your mobile device, you could accomplish that by commencing the website to your cellular browser. You can also bookmark the website so that it appears on your own home screen. This will make it less difficult to get entry to Smart Square SSM in Destiny.

How do I get entry to Smart Square SSM?

To get right of entry to Smart Square SSM, you may need to:

  1. Go to the Smart Square website. The internet site deal with may be different for each fitness device that uses Smart Square. You can contact your Smart Square System Administrator if you no longer realize the website cope.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. If you are a new person, you will need to create an account.

Once you have logged in, you may be capable of getting entry to all of the functions that Smart Square has to offer.

Here are the steps on the way to access Smart Square SSM on your mobile tool:

  1. Open the Smart Square internet site on your cell browser.
  2. On the iPhone, go to the menu at the lowest of the screen and pick out the proportion button (the only one in the middle with a square and arrow). Scroll to the proper and locate the “Add to Home Screen” button (A field with a plus sign). Hit “Add” on the subsequent display.
  3. On Android, tap on the Create Bookmark icon (the big name defines the icon to the proper of the URL bar). An information container ought to appear asking you to call the bookmark and in which you want it stored. Tap on the drop-down menu and select “Home Screen.” You have to now see your new bookmark on your own home display.

Once you’ve brought Smart Square to your house display, you can easily get the right of entry to it with the aid of tapping on the icon.


  • Reduces staffing costs. By automating tasks and optimizing scheduling, Smart Square SSM permits you to reduce staffing expenses.
  • Improves affected person care. By making sure that the proper team of workers is available at the proper times, Smart Square SSM can help improve patient care.
  • Increases worker satisfaction. By offering employees extra flexibility and control over their schedules, It can help grow employee pride.
  • Improves communique and collaboration. Smart Square SSM affords a valuable platform for communique and collaboration between the workforce, managers, and leadership.
  • Provides insights into a group of workers’ facts. This offers insights into the team of workers’ information, together with staffing ranges, hours labored, and productiveness. These records may be used to make informed choices about personnel management.

If you’re searching for a way to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and compliance of your personnel, Smart Square SSM is a fantastic choice to not forget.


Smart Square SSM is a staff management software program that facilitates healthcare groups to manage their staff schedules, timekeeping, payroll, reporting, communication, and documentation. It is a cloud-based solution that may be accessed from everywhere with a web connection.

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